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What Can We Offer You?

Interested in STRAIGHTER teeth?

We now offer a range of teeth straightening solutions:

Straighter teeth with Aligners using ClearCorrect


Straighter teeth with Fixed Braces


We offer a full range of treatments from basic examination through to extensive reconstruction, Dental Implants and now facial enhancements/aesthetic treatments. We treat all of our patients as an individual and therefore tailor the treatment plan to meet your needs. We will provide a high standard of care to get you as dentally fit as you wish or feel comfortable with. Nick Williams BDS offers braces and aligners to straighten teeth using a range of short term orthodontic solutions.

We aim to empower our patients in the best way possible to help them keep their teeth for life.

If you have concerns and you feel that you require sedation please see the section on nervous patients & sedation. Lime Tree Dental Practice has a safety culture which means that patient safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind: please click here to see our Charter on Patient Safety

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Are you worried about your gums?

Gum disease (periodontitis) is a very common condition that most of us will suffer from during our lives. 10% of the population are particularly susceptible. It tends not to be painful so we may not know we have it, and yet it is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults. Evidence has been gathering for some time about the importance of the health of your gums to your overall well being. It's about far more than just your teeth falling out, although that's bad enough. People with healthy gums have been shown to have a lower risk of stroke, heart attack, rheumatoid arthritis and better diabetic control.
Here at Lime Tree Dental Practice we are dedicated to the idea that we can help you to look after your teeth & gums for life. Nick & the team are all very aware of gum diseases & will examine your gums at every check up or more often if required. Regular dental hygiene visits are very useful to maintain your gums, our Dental Hygienist/Therpaist Patricia Piana is available on Mondays. Our dentists can also all offer advice and treatment for your gums.
Good oral hygiene techniques are required to keep your gums healthy. Tepe brushes (or Interdental brushes) are a great way to clean the spaces between your teeth everyday where your normal toothbrush cannot reach. We can advise you the correct size for your mouth to ensure that you are able to remove as much of the plaque bacteria as possible. We stock the full range of Tepe’s at reception. Click HERE to go to the TEPE website on how to use Tepe brushes correctly. You can apply Corsodyl (Chlorhexidine gel)using tepes to particularly help where the gum has flared up.


Exciting new treatments that uses state of the art materials and by applying principles from the building industry (steel reinforced concrete). We can now bed strong metal-free fibres or mesh into white/tooth coloured materials to give extremely strong and cosmetic solutions in a broad range of dental situations. Splinting loose teeth, replacing missing teeth & broken teeth are a few of the circumstances where this new "Fibredontics" can be used. Read more about Fibredontics and see some examples click on our FIBREDONTIC Feature above.

BIODENTINE - "The Calm" to prevent "The Storm" 

Introducing a filling product called BIODENTINE that can calm down certain painful teeth or repair badly broken teeth and hopefully prevent the need for a root filling. Biodentine can be used when a cavity in a tooth is very deep & close to the nerve (pulp). As a result, the nerve maybe affected by the decay. Biodentine promotes healing of the nerve to help it lay down natural dentine within the pulp chamber to protect itself in the future and to try to keep the nerve alive. The outer coating of the biodentine will need to be coveredin the future (2days to 6months) with a permanent cover(either filling or crown) to protect it. So as such the tooth will need to be treated twice, however, this treatment is designed to try to reduce the chance of this tooth needing a root filling & the relevant cost. Many of our patients have already experienced this treatment & are showing fantastic results. As part of our involvement with a research group called the PREP Panel through the University of Birmingham, we were asked to evaluate the performance of this really exciting new product in 2010 and have used it ever since. We were very pleased and proud to be featured in an article published in The Times by the manafacturer of Biodentine, Septodont, in January 2019, about Lime Tree Dental Practice using Biodentine; click here to read the article. Likewise Nick was asked in 2022 to make the video above for patients information and a similar video to educate dentists about Biodentine.

For more information on Biodentine please go to the Septodont website by clicking here: SEPTODONT/BIODENTINE

Disabled Access

We offer disabled access to a ground floor reception, then flat access to a ground floor surgery. The surgery is light, modern and airy, where patients can choose to receive their treatment while sitting in the dental chair or remain in their own wheelchair if necessary or if preferred. (Unfortunately we do not currently offer a toilet with disabled access).

Cosmetic Dentistry

Nick, Scott & Lacie all have an interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. Nick offers straighter teeth with Aligners. If you have concerns about any aspect of your mouth or smile, we are happy to discuss them with you. We can show you before and after pictures of cases we have completed. This can show you several simple ways how a smile can be changed and how effective it can be. We will always discuss the cost of treatment options with you, prior to any commitment from yourself.

Signs of Aging, Wrinkles & Lines - Facial Rejuvenation treatments

Scott Jones BDS offers our patients, a range of treatments to help you look great. Click here to read more.

Dental Implants

Missing Teeth can make people feel self-conscious and effect their confidence to smile naturally. Laughing, kissing, singing and eating can all be affected – dental implants can be a solution to regaining quality of life. Click here for further information


Do you need to be seen urgently? TODAY? TOOTHACHE? Call us on 01275840234 or to send us an email, CLICK HERE.

Whether you are a regular patient to the practice, or visiting the area, or have never been to Lime Tree before, at an emergency appointment, we will endeavour to

# discuss your problem, pain or concern

# examine not only the location of your problem, but also any related teeth and surrounding areas

# take any necessary X-rays using our digital imaging system. This state of the art system reduces the dose of radiation and also gives us an immediate image, allowing us faster diagnosis.

# diagnose your problem

# get you out of pain or treat your problem, as soon as possible.

We have TOOTHACHE APPOINTMENTS available everyday. These are usually between 12.00 and 12.30pm, although other times maybe available at short notice. If you contact us early in the morning (phone lines open at 8.15am) we will make every effort to see you the same day. If you contact us later in the day we can usually see you within 24hours. Call us on 01275 840234 now to book an urgent appointment.

Out of Hours Dental Emergencies

We offer our own out of hour's emergency service at Lime Tree Dental Practice which is FREE of charge for our Plan Members that have the Dental Accident & Emergency Assistance scheme*. There is a call out fee for all other patients, but everyone is welcome to use this service (current cost is quoted on the practice answerphone message). This service is available weekdays until 10pm & weekends 9am until 6pm. You can call us & arrange to see Nick or Lacie at the practice. To access up to date emergency service information, please ring 01275 840234 & listen to the message (on the odd occasion that we are both away on professional development an alternative option will be suggested). Alternatively the NHS has out of hours telephone advice line which can give dental advice and provide some services on telephone no. 111.

*Dental Accident & Emergency Assistance is included in the plan membership for patients on our Adult or Family (Parent) Plans. It is also available to children on the family plan for £2.50 per month. Click HERE for details

Nervous Patients & Sedation

For those patients who have had a bad experience or who have a dental phobia, we hope that our approachable relaxed manner will help you toward successful treatment outcomes. For those who require extra help with their anxiety we are pleased to offer conscious sedation by arrangement. This involves IV (intravenous) drug administration, usually in the back of your hand which sedates you.


Children & Families - Did you know?

Children examinations are FREE at Lime Tree(see below for terms).

Both surgeries are stocked with a great range of fun stickers to reward your child for a good visit to the dentist.

Nick has years of experience in Children's dentistry. We feel that too many people are put off dentistry for life because of a bad experience as a child. Therefore we hope to deliver an enjoyable experience of dentistry for as many of our younger patients as possible. As a result we offer free children's dental benefits when attending with their parents/guardians on our FAMILY MEMBERSHIP PLAN.

If you prefer to pay as you go, your children (upto their 16th Birthday) will receive a free examination when they attend with you at your dental examination. 

Copyright © Lime Tree Dental Practice, Updated August 2022. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Lime Tree Dental Practice, Updated August 2022.
All Rights Reserved

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